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How I Stay Motivated Working from Home


Staying motivated while working from home is hard. But it can be made easy with my list of tips and tricks below. 

I remember one day a while back now. I was on my commute to my 9 -5. And there was a train delay. It had taken me over 2 hours to get 15 miles. Anyone that lives in the USA can vouch that the public transport system is not the greatest. I was based in Denver, Colorado where its practically non-exsistent. 

I remember thinking to myself.

Shannon use this as motivation to build your dream. Stop listening to podcasts and thinking about your ideas and start doing one. Heck, if it doesn’t work you can always pivot. Just like they do in the Corporate world. 

When I took the leap to Business Owner. I remember thinking I am going to be so motivated everyday. I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to build my dream. 

New flash. It’s hard AF to build your dream and I have to try and keep myself motivated all the time. Because I am the decision maker. No-one else. 

Here is a list of what helps me. And if you work from home. Or your building out your boss babe dream too. Then I hope these small tips help you: 

Phone away

Putting your phone away is key. Especially if you have downloaded Tik Tok and you find laughing at random strangers entertaining. 

What I found helps the most and I am not sure if everyone phone has this option. But, on my phone if I go into setting I can lock certain apps. Which is so good as I am limiting the distractions.

Anywhere but Home

Home is great most days of the week. For me I have my apartment to myself so I cannot complain. However I did find it difficult to not have a place that separated work and personal life. 

Co-working spaces are really cute. There are some great ones in my area. But, these come at a price. If you can afford it I would recommend doing your research and seeing what space will work best for you. There are some great flexible payment options. So, you can always try before committing to another month. 

Cafes and restaurants are great too. But, you need strong wifi and a space that is Digital Nomad friendly. I try to cap it at 2-3 hours then peace out. They are running a business too. So, I make sure I am eating lunch and spending money for my table. 

I am fortunate enough to have a common area in my apartment block. Which is practically empty during the day. Its styled mid-century modern, has a great view and strong wifi. When I feel like I need a different space this is where I head too. 


I could probably write an entire blog post about batching. As it has improved my productivity so much. I remember saying to a colleague once in one of my 9 to 5.

‘We should batch all of our meetings on one day or have a day that no meetings can be booked. It would really help everyone get the work done that’s talked about in these meetings.’

He laughed at me… 

I don’t think he understood the power of batching. Anyway, batching is all about doing one task all at once for the entire week or month. For example, if you have blog posts to write. Write them all in one day. From start to finish. Otherwise, it is so hard to get into that mindset again if you stop and start everyday. 


Remember to be kind to yourself and reward yourself when you reached a goal.

Just launched your website?

Then celebrate this. Also it doesn’t have to be a huge goal. The small things need to be celebrated too. Be kind to yourself and celebrate the little things. 


Outsourcing will allow you to get your time back and focus on what your good at. There are many areas of my business I am not an expert in or I don’t have a desire to become an expert. I 100% want to understand the principles and basics so I know what I am paying for. 

So, sometimes it makes more sense to outsource. If you struggle with graphic design then there are some very talented people on Instagram. Social media is also another time consuming service.

I offer Pinterest Management. As I know without the correct Pinterest Marketing plan you can go around and around in circles. And its important you are getting eyes on your content and growing your online presence.


You’re probably thinking why did she write ‘smoothie’. I could of gone a little bit more vague and had wrote ‘Healthy Food’. But, I love burgers and pizza too much lol. A smoothie is honestly what helps me. Period. 

I often find I am dehydrated and dont eat enough fruit as it is. So when I have a smoothie all those good sugars wake up my brain and put me in a good state of mind.

My favorite smoothie at the moment is :

  • 1 Bananna 
  • 1 cup of ice 
  • 1/2 cup of oat milk 
  • 1 tablespoon and maple syrup 
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seed 
  • 2 shots of espresso coffee

This baby gives me my caffeine hit and makes me feel so energized and motivated to work from home. If I am not having toast or anything else I add in half a cup of oats to keep me going. 

Best Time for Work

I am not a night owl. My brain shuts off in the afternoon and I am ready to watch some trashy television such as Too Hot Too Handle (don’t judge). 

So, for me I find working from home in the morning is the best, and helps keep me motivated. The earlier the better. I get that every situation is different. So, if you have a choice of morning, afternoon, night, lunch break etc. Trial out which to see when you are most productive. 


I  have to exercise here. As this really helps me clear my mind. At times I can overthink something really silly. There is nothing worse than going down a rabbit hole. 

I usually try and do an online work out, go for a walk with a really good podcast or just go silent. Therefore, incorporating exercise into my routine really helps to clear the mind and keep me motivated while I am working from home.

In Summary

Staying motivated while working from home is doable. If you are struggling you can try these tips out and see if they are helpful. Whether you learned something new or you needed a reminder. I hope it helped in some way. 

If you are looking to outsource your Pinterest services or need help with running your business. Please check out my services page. I would love to support and help grow your business. So, you can get back to selling those products or serving those clients. 

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