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Why you Need to Hire a Pinterest Manager?

Why you need to hire a Pinterest Manager
Why you need to hire a Pinterest Manager

Why you need to hire a Pinteret Manager?

So, you have spent hours writing out content for your niche. You have a beautiful website. Products and or services that are going to solve your dreams clients problems. 

But.. No-one knows you’re there. 

That’s where Pinterest can comes in handy. With 355 million users. That is of people who you can reach with your content. And most important your target audience!

So, what is Pinterest?

Well put simply. Pinterest is not a social media platform like many think. Pinterest is a visual serch engine.

When used correctly Pinterest can boost traffic to your website. As a result, with more traffic, leads to more sales and increased brand awareness.

How would a Pinterest Manager help me? 

1. Time 

Ah yes time. You’re a busy entrepreneur trying to balance x, y, z while at the same time learning a, b and c? 

You know Pinterest is important. But, finding the time to pin everyday. While doing everything else your trying to juggle. Is a lot.

So what if I told you. You could hand over all of your pinning worries to a Specialist. While you focus on what you are good at?

My Signature Pinterest Management Package allows you to do just that. We start off with a complimentary call. To get to know each, see if we are a good fit. And its where I can learn more about how I can help your business grow. And you get any of your questions or concerns answered.

Next, we dive into a business questionnaire, I send over the contract. Once executed I get down to work and we continue to keep in close contact.

2. You can focus on what your good at

Focusing your efforts on parts of your business you are good at is imperative to bringing in that cashflow that keeps your business going. 

By hiring a Pinterest Manager. Their key responsibility will be to focus on Pinterest for your business while you focus on other aspects of business. Pinterest can increase your brand awareness, while your traffic grows . And most importantly converts those curious readers to sales or leads!

3. You need to learn a new platform

Learning a new platform and all the rules and algorithms that go with it is overwhelming. You know you need to be on Pinterest. But how can you seriously find the time to learn another platform, implement different strategies to make it work for your business.

Thats where a Pinterest Manager can come in handy. A Pinterest Manager is specialized in  Pinterest and most often than not focuses soley on this platform. 

A Pinterest Manager can help you get you up and running on Pinterest in much shorter time span that what it would take you to learn it DIY style.

What can a Pinterest Manager do? 

Pinterest Managers cover a wide range of services to offer your business. Which in result grow your business.

See below on what a Pinterest Manager can do:

  • Update profile and bio 
  • Convert to business page 
  • Verifying and claiming domain on pinterest
  • Applying and enabling Rich Pins
  • Set up & link Pinterest Analytics
  • Keyword research for your brand and ideal audience
  • Reorganizing boards to fully optimize account
  • Pinning 10-30 high quality related  pins per day using Tailwind*
  • Set up and manage automation with Tailwind
  • Applying and joining relevant group boards
  • Creating branded Pins to connect your content (max 10 per month)
  • Writing keyword rich descriptions for new original pins
  • Pinning new blog posts and products from your website
  • Follow 20 niche-specific influencers and unfollow non-relevant influencers
  • Joining at least 3 Tailwind tribes total to grow your reach*
  • Monthly progress and growth report due on 1st of each month 

If you are curious on how a Pinterest Manager can grow your business and maximize your Pinterest Presence. Please send me an email and we can talk through it on a free 30 minute consultation call.

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