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Where to put Keywords to Maximize your Pinterest Ranking

Where to put keywords to maximize your pinterest ranking

Well if you did or didn’t. I am covering different areas you should be making sure your keywords are to maximize your Pinterest ranking. Because after all Pinterest is a search engine.

Eight different areas where you should be putting keywords to help Pinterest rank your content. Did you know to help your ranking on Pinterest you should be putting your keywords into your URL?

Before I dived into the world of Pinterest. I used it for just about everything. Well to be honest my boards were mainly built around: 

  • Home decor 
  • Business tips
  • Plant based recipes

I loved that I could type in exactly what I wanted and what came back through my Pinterest feed was exactly that. ‘Vegan Pho’ , ‘mid-century modern living room’. I could go on. Which leads me to the purpose of this post. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine. And it looks for keywords literally everywhere. What I see a lot is that Pinterest gets treated like instragram. Pictures and high quality images are 100% important. But its the text and the keywords which is what will help your pins rank. 

Lets go through the list! 

Put your Keywords in your Pin Title⁠

Be specific on what the pin is all about. How can it help people or what exactly are the products?

Lets have a look at some before and afters. Say for example you run a travel blog. The title before is ‘Singapore Experiences’. Your keywords are ‘Singapore’ and ‘Experiences’. But you can change it to ‘ 10 Best Singapore Experiences on a Budget’. See how you can get very specific on what the article is about and incorporate more keywords such as ‘Budget’ to narrow down your search results.

Pin Description

The pin description can allow you to get more detail on exactly what the pin is about. Use your keywords when writing out your descriptions. Do not jam pack a bunch of keywords. Instead incorporate this into sentences when writing out your pin descriptions and include 3 to 5 relevant hashtags at the end.

Pin image needs to be relevant ⁠

Pinterest can now read your images. So be clear on what the image is. So people can also make a connection on what the post is about. If you are a food blogger. Be sure to showcase those finished recipes. If you sell jewlery try using images which show case what the jewlery looks like on someone. This gives your potential customer an idea of what the jewlery looks like

Incorporate Keywords in your Pin text overlay ⁠

This is the text that goes over the pin image. Keep this 4- 10 words and go big and bold if  you are using less text. You want people to read your pin and you want Pinterest to pick up on the keywords on the text overlay. 


Who would’ve thought the URL mattered. Well it’s another way Pinterest will pick up keywords. If you have a moist chocolate cake recipe. But, it’s vegan. Add in that key word so you are getting more and more specific with what search result you will end up in. For example ‘moist vegan chocolate cake recipe’ is very niche.

Make sure the same Keywords your using on Pinterest are in your Blog Post Title⁠ & Text

Similar to your pin titles, be specific on what the blog post is all about and be sure to incorporate those keywords. Pinterest will read the keywords in your blog post and the text on your web page you are linking too.

Board Names⁠ and Board Descriptions

Make sure both board names and board descriptions have keywords. Pinterest will read this.

Profile descriptions⁠

Here is your chance to talk about who you are,  what you do and how you can help people. Ensure you incorporate those keywords into this chance to optimize your profile.

⁠That’s a lot of places am I right?

If you start implementing keywords in all the places suggested above. Pinterest will read these and your chances of your pin being prioritized will be higher. Because Pinterest is a search engine. And we want your content popping up when your target audience do their searches. Keywords are what will help get your content prioritized. ⁠The more Pinterest can read these the better.⁠

If you need help optimizing your account or someone to manage this on a monthly basis to help drive that traffic. Book a discovery call with me today.

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